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“Any opportunity to break down prejudice, stereotypes and to dispel fear of the 'other' through the arts, conversations, play, storytelling, music or dance is important and inspirational work. 

It's something I love being a part of."

People all over the world have listened to and told stories. It is one of the oldest forms of education and an effective teaching method for transmitting knowledge. Our stories help preserve our memories; they help us make sense of our world, connect us with our past, present, and guide us into our future.

At Weaving Cultural Stories – Hegogo Hatua, we draw on the concepts of Hegogo and Hatua. Hegogo is a Motuan (PNG) word to describe gathering together. Hatua has several meanings: to plate/weave, beat a bamboo drum, tattoo, or twist a small rope.


Weaving Cultural Stories - Hegogog Hatua, collaborates with our clients to share and weave knowledge and understanding of each other and our diverse cultures. We do this through the power of sitting in circle, sharing stories and expanding our knowledge of culture.

At the heart of our work is acknowledging and reinforcing the importance of cultural wellbeing by working with Educators and organisations to building sustainable programs where a child’s cultural identity is celebrated and allowed to thrive.

We will walk alongside our clients to build the cultural capability and awareness of their teams. We will journey with them as they fill their cultural knowledge cup and develop a deeper and richer understanding of culture through professional conversations, training, onsite and online mentoring, demonstrations, guidance, and role modelling.


We will guide our clients on a woven journey as they embrace cultural diversity, explore and take into their hearts the values of cultural inclusion, empowering them to provide culturally proficient, safe and inclusive services with their workforce, their current, and new client base.


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